Parla Potabile

Parla Potabile è il nostro prossimo evento che si terrà il 4 maggio 2022 presso lo Scugnizzo Liberato a Napoli. Se sei un gruppo che vuole partecipare all’evento, leggi il documento qui sotto e contattaci per prenotarti!

Science Behind the Blocks

PONYS are back! We are excited for our first live event since the lockdown, “Science behind the blocks”, held on 10th July 2021 on the seafront in Pozzuoli. This initiative was organized with @asnu_scienzenaturali @putecoli @areteblocc who joined us with experiments and having fun!

Passione Fisica 2016

This year on April 17th PONYS organized the fourth edition of “Passione Fisica” (“Physical Passion”, roughly translated) at Città della Scienza, the biggest science museum of southern Italy: an entire day dedicated to physics popularization through demonstrations and simple experiments. Supported by EPS and OSA  and involving more than 100 Leggi tutto…

Physica in Fabula‏

“Physica in Fabula” is born by the idea of putting together two worlds apparently distant: literature and physics. After reading a brief literary passage, some simple experiments related to the story are shown and explained; for example “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is linked to some experiments of geometrical Leggi tutto…

Physics’s got talent

Our group organized a competition for high school students, who were asked to realize a short video showing an experiment about any field of physics. Many schools took part to this activity, here are the links to the videos they made: Electrolysis with salted water Playing with thermodynamics Free fall Leggi tutto…