Drinking Science, is the best way to translate the Italian words “Scienza Potabile”. It is a talk format, proposed and presented for the first time at Futuro Remoto 2015, the biggest Science Festival of Naples.
Once upon time, when the use of paper was not diffused in the world, and social media were not exiting, every city had its town criers. They were the means of communication with the people of the town since many people could not read or write. Proclamations, local bylaws, market days, adverts, were all proclaimed by a bellman or crier.
We believe that science at a basic level can be communicated even speaking in a square, without the use of PowerPoint or any other technological tool. That’s why we asked to four scientists to take the stage at Futuro Remoto, and speak drinkable of the most interesting topics in physics.
Here it is the list of physicist that helped us:

  • Friday 16th October, 12-12:20 –> “Le frontiere della Fisica e la scoperta del bosone di Higgs”, Francesco Cirotto
  • Saturday 17th October, 12-12:20 –> “Le Onde Gravitazionali: una nuova finestra sull’Universo”, Enrico Calloni
  • Sunday 18th October, 12-12:20 –> “Scoperta e Verità Scientifica”, Luca Lista
  • Sunday 18th October, 18-18:20 –> “Le frontiere della Fisica dopo la scoperta del bosone di Higgs”, Elvira Rossi e Francesco Conventi

We would like to thanks all the Scientists that made this possibile, and their Intitutions too.


Here you can find the pictures.

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