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All physics students always wait for the great day! The day we all dream about during all the lectures and the hard work! The end of the exams and the begin of a new life! In a single statement, we all dream about graduation day! But what comes after? When we have shuffled off all of the books and the pens, what really comes? Is there something beyond research?

To give an answer to all of theese questions, PONYS members organize a series of seminars held in physics department of University of Naples Federico II.

Lecturers will be choosen among thoose who decided to start a career far from the “research world”.

We invited former physics students that now have job positions outside univerisities and research centers.

Our speakers:

  • Emilio Sassone Corsi, Senior Partner & CEO Management Innovation, 12th February 2016.
  • Marco Valli, data scientist at Pangea Formazione, 30th March 2016.

If you wish to suggest a speaker, please, contact Federica Guida 🙂

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932 · 15 Maggio 2023 alle 02:53

Thiis post is invaluable. When ccan I find outt more?

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