FR_2016_35.jpg“Building” was the theme of 30th edition of Futuro Remoto, the biggest Naples science festival, which took place in Piazza del Plebiscito, from October 7th to 10th 2016. For the second year in a row, PONYS has participated, showing up Fisici in piazza: a great journey through interactive simple experiments made up of poor materials, suitable for a public of all ages. Several physics topics have been illustrated microwaves, optics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, particles physics, geophysics and sport physics. Moreover, this year unconventional experiments about soap bubbles and flames have been included in order to show the spectacular side of physics.
The experiments and games on particle physics have been carried out in the Space dome in collaboration with INFN – section of Naples. While demonstrations of sport physics in collaboration with the Department of Physics, University of Naples “Federico II”, in the Communication dome.
At the end of the journey, a quiz has been given to people in order to have a feedback about our explanation of the experiments.
Furthermore, PONYS conducted Chain reaction tinkering labs in the middle of the square, one of the main attractions of the festival.
This year, PONYS had two on stage activities: a scientific speed dating and a science show. The former involved several scientists to answer public’s questions; the latter, “The Physics Show”, wanted to highlight the deep connection between physics and music with three musical experiments.
More than 100 volunteers between students, PhD, researchers and professors joined this PONYS experience! We thank all the institutions that helped us to run these activities!

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