Chain_2016_27.jpgDuring the 30th edition of Futuro Remoto, PONYS presented the chain reaction’s laboratory. Inspired by the “Rube Goldberg Machine”, the chain reaction is an attraction composed by many contraptions linked to each other through physical mechanisms. When some external agent activates the first, an entire cascade of events follows along the chain.
This architecture was the main attraction of the festival, staged in the middle of the square where the festival took place. Approximately twenty metres of contraptions realized with everyday materials, saved after the fire that in 2011 destroyed Città della Scienza, Naples Science Museum. It was designed to be divided into 18 modules, each one conceptually related to a past festival theme, e.g. “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” (Futuro Remoto theme in 2011) was made up by a big tube placed inside a globe where a rolling marble was allowed to move.
Seventeen of these modules were previously designed in the workshop of the museum by two of our members: Giancarlo Artiano and Alessandro Amabile. The project was also supported by local research institute sections: INFN and CNR IPCB-ICB.
The last module wanted to celebrate this year’s theme, “Building”. It was entirely developed and built by the public, with the help of PONYS facilitators:a ten-metres long laboratory where everyone among the visitors, despite of age and education, was asked to bring his own ideas in the completion of the chain reaction. Helped by our volunteers the modules were linked twice a day and everyone could enjoy such a unique and great show!

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