25th April 2015, 06:11 UTC

Nepal is shaken by a violent earthquake with a moment magnitude of 7,8 M_w. Its epicenter is located in the north-west of the capital Kathmandu. In few seconds, entire villages are flattened: nine thousands of deaths, nineteen thousands of injureds, hundreds of missings, thousands of homeless.
On televisions and social networks, the first pictures of the disaster are shown: the rubble of the cities, the distroyed centuries-old buildings at UNESCO World Heritage sites, the faces of survivors, the bodies of who didn’t survive.

The days go by and the media attention is gradually turning off, but the situation continues to be drammatic: Nepal is one of Asia’s poorest country and has little ability to fund a reconstruction effort on its own.

The 7th May 2015, two weeks after the earthquake, Naples Young Minds Section (YM) organized a charity lunch (“Naples 4 Nepal – Charity Lunch”, on facebook) for Nepalese survivors.
The event was setted in the Physics Department of the University “Federico II” of Naples. It drew students and professors from all the departments. Each one gave his own contribution: cooking, preparing… eating!
The international soul of the Physics Department gave birth to an international lunch: typical neapolitan dishes were combined with Bengali Biryami, italian red wine was matched with curry meatballs, espresso coffee was matched with kheer (indian dessert made by rice cream).
At the end of the lunch, the fund reached the amount of 1480 €: this fund was donated to the Association for the International Solidarity in Asia (ASIA Onlus, -on the website, the actions already taken to face the emergency in Nepal).

The charity lunch ended, with happiness and satisfaction for the unexpected success we reached, but in Nepal the earth still trembles.
The resonance of the event surely spread an echo of solidarity among who participated, who would have participated –but he couldn’t- and who is still in time to give a hand.

“Per aiutare chi ha bisogno non occorre essere supereroi, basta comportarsi da esseri umani”
(“To help who needs we don’t have to be heroes, we just need to be humans”, tweet for #nepal by S.Zannini).

Here are some photos of the event

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