Help_Express_1.jpgThe 2016 summer will be remembered as the one of the earthquake in central Italy. A series of seismic events began in August with epicentres located between the Tronto Valley and the Sibillini Mountains. The first strong earthquake happened on August 24, showing a magnitude of 6.0. The epicentre Valle del Tronto completely destroyed two towns, Accumoli and Arquata. Other two bigger events took place October 26 in the Umbria-Marche border, and October 30. The former was the strongest one, with a magnitude 6.5 and its epicenter between the towns of Norcia and Preci, in the Province of Perugia.
The number of victims has reached 299. The damage to the artistic heritage are invaluable, like the destruction of the St. Benedict Basilica in Norcia. Despite many people have lost their homes, remaining without food but especially hopes.
PONYS decided to help these people by organizing a lunch fund raising in collaboration with the no-profit association Diamo una mano.
The lunch was held at the Physics Department on Wednesday November 9th. Students, professors and researchers have contributed bringing food and drinks of all kinds.
All these dishes were sold to participants, collecting a total amount of 839 euro.
PONYS thanks everyone for their participation!

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