In May 2018, PONYS took part for the first time to an important event, Fattorie Didattiche Aperte (Open Didactic Farms), which has taken place in Istituto Zooprofilattico del Mezzogiorno in Portici (NA) for two days.

This event consisted of an exhibition which saw important research centres (INAF, CNR and others) and industries displaying and explaining their newest discoveries and innovative projects.

PONYS contributed to the event with experiments concerning various fields of physics. In particular Electromagnetism, Physics of Flames, Physics of Sport and Optics, the latter with the help of OSA which provided us with an Optical Suitcase that included important equipment for optical demonstrations.

Moreover, PONYS proposed a recurrent show and laboratory, called Physica in Fabula, in which we told fables following with experiments related to the stories, the last experiment consisting of an interactive laboratory during which the kids would build an air balloon filled with helium that they took back home.

This event was a very huge one, one of the biggest of the year for us. More than 50 volunteers participated to our exhibitions, for the most part physics students of Federico II University. We reached about 20000 visitors during the two days and the attendees were always very satisfied with our contents.

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