Like these last three years, we joined Città della Scienza (CdS) in its annual science fair: Futuro Remoto.

For this edition they chose “Ri-generazioni” (“Re-generations”) as the main theme, mainly associated with the history the museum has gone through in the latest years. It has been held from November 8th to 11th, from 9am to 5pm for the first three days, from 10am to 6pm for the last one.

We got back together in the museum itself, while the previous 3 editions were in a huge square downtown. This allowed us to get in touch with a more interested public in average, because CdS is not so easy to reach by public transportations. Despite what we thought, the distance has not prevented us a huge flux of people: we have seen thousands of people each day of the exposition. It has been a great success!

We tried to set up a beautiful experience for the general public, making everything the most interactive and appealing possible. We set up several stands for different field of physics. We had: Optics, Electromagnetism, Microwaves, Astrophysics, Fluid dynamics, Acoustics, Physics of Sports, and the two new one Smart Materials and Electronics. For the latter, we also organized a laboratory activity to introduce children to Arduino and coding.

We decided to expose different stands during the days of the fair, in order to have a more dynamic experience for the public. Four experiments with a fifteen minutes explanation was the kind of activity we chose. Apparently, it has been the right choice, since the public seemed to get everything we wanted to show independently from ages: from elementary school kids to grandparents going around with their nephews everybody got the chance to get closer to Physics.

Our team was made up of around 40 volunteers per day, selected among the Physics degree students. We set up for them a series of meetings before the event, for training and sharing our chapter experience with them. They have been free to decide the experiments to show and we were always there to help them with everything they needed.

Eventually, we had four amazing days, full of hard work, passion for Physics and fun!

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