The European Researchers’ Night is a huge Europe-wide outreach event which aims to enhance researchers’ public recognition and to stimulate interest in research careers, especially among young people.

This year the PONYS took part to the event in the frame of a greater collaboration. We were part of the Naples subsection of Sharper , composed of more than 25 different research institutes in the area of Naples. In order to organize this ERN, PONYS had participated with all the institutes composing sharper to the successful application for an European Call with a three years duration.
The event took place simultaneously in several locations in the city of Naples.

Our stands were positioned in the wonderful setting of the “Galleria Umberto I”, an 19th century shopping gallery in the heart of the city.
There we presented our Physics Mega Game: PONYS members and volunteer were divided in four groups, each covering a different concept area in physics (Electronics, Geometrical Optics, Wave Optics, Mechanics/Sport Physics). Each group performed experiments related to the correspondent discipline and, at the end, presented the audience a challenge to overcome using the concepts previously provided.

Throughout the duration of the event, our stands were visited by approximately 20.000 people. Moreover, in the context of this collaboration we realised a new version of the “Scientific Passport” already implemented in previous events. The scientific passport was an item retrievable in the stands of every partner of Sharper. It consisted of several empty slots where each research institute could appose its stamp to “mark” that the owner of the passport had visited them. In order to fill the passport, the owner was stimulated to visit all the stands of Sharper Members. The “Scientific Passport” initiative received a very positive feedback from both the audience and our partners and was also featured in local news media.

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