PONYS counts more than 40 members and can rely on a huge number of volunteers during its events.
All the decisions are taken during our meetings, where everyone can express its ideas and vote. Nevertheless, PONYS has its Governing Council (Consiglio Direttivo, in italian), which is elected annually.

Maria Gorizia Ammendola

Consiglio Direttivo
President PONYS

Mariano Mollo

Consiglio Direttivo
Vice President
EPS YoungMinds

Alessandro Corridore

Consiglio Direttivo

Giacomo Marco La Montagna

Consiglio Direttivo

Faculty Advisors

As points of contact among in Physics Department and the three societies that we represent, a Faculty Advisor (FA) for each society is chosen. Their role is not only a formal one, but most of all the FAs are considered real guides for every PONYS member.

Prof. Luca Lista
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II & INFN
EPS YoungMinds
Dr. Antigone Marino
Dr. Vincenzo D'Ambrosio
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II