If you managed to catch a flight to Naples, you will arrive at the Capodichino airport. Since you will be sorted in different locations, an email will be sent to you with the details of the structure you have been assigned to. First, regardless of your accommodation, you have to reach Naples’ Central Train Station. To avoid taking a taxi, you can take the “Alibus” outside the airport. You can buy tickets for the Alibus at the airport or on the dedicated website.

If you are planning to arrive on a flight that lands after 10.30pm, we would like to advise you that the Alibus does not run after that time. If necessary you can take a taxi to the place where you will be staying.

The Alibus.

If you haven’t managed to catch a flight to Naples you can land in Rome and reach Naples by bus. We reccomend taking the “Fiumicino Express“, which will take you directly to the Naples central train station.

We advise against the option of landing in milan and taking a train to naples, as it could be quite expensive. Of course these are mere tips: travel choices are left to one’s discretion.

The Fiumicino Express.

If you have chosen to land in Rome and take the “Fiumicino Express“, here is a link to the site from which you can obtain information and eventually buy tickets ( tickets can also be purchased directly on the bus ).
Pay attention to the airport of departure as Rome has two main airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino. Both provide the “Fiumicino Express” bus service so you should check carefully on which of these you land on to avoid making mistakes while buying the ticket!