DISCLAIMER: On the first day we will provide a bus service for the EPS sections delegates staying in the accommodations we have provided so the first part of this guide is for all the other participants.

Hello there!

In this venue we will explain how to get to the locations where the Leadership Meeting activities will take place: the Monte Sant’Angelo and the SS. Marcellino e Festo university complexes. But first, some preliminary information.

There are two main Metro Lines in Naples. Generally speaking, the Metro Line 1 will get you to the center of Naples while the Metro Line 2 will quickly get you to the outer areas of Naples.

A map of Naples’ subway lines.
Friday, May 19th
@ Aula Caianiello, Physics Department Monte Sant’Angelo, Via Cinthia

On the 19th of May the activities will take place in the aforementioned Monte Sant’Angelo university complex. To get there, few steps are required. First, head to the Garibaldi train station, you will have to take the Metro Line 2.

Once at the Garibaldi train station , get inside and, right in the center, in front of the enormous trains’ timetables, there will be some stairs.

Get down the stairs and turn to your left, proceed for a little and you will find, on your right, a certain number of ticket machines and another set of stairs that will lead you to the Metro Line 2, you have to take the “Pozzuoli” direction.
Get off at the “Campi flegrei” train station. Just outside, on the left, there will be a bus stop.
Here you can either take the R6, the 180, or the S1.


If you take the S1 it will stop right outside the university complex. On the other hand, if you take the R6 or the 180 you must call the stop yourself (once you see the building in the photo below) and get down the bus. You will see the complex on the other side of the road.

Saturday, May 20th
@ Historical Building SS. Marcellino and Festo UNINA

On the 20th of May the activities will instead take place in the SS. Marcellino e Festo university complex which is near the center so, as we previously discussed, you will have to take the Metro Line 1.
For the sake of simplicity we will explain how to get there starting from the Garibaldi train station. So, first of all, reach the Feltrinelli bookstore in front of which there will be a giant metallic structure and an ark with “Galleria Garibaldi” written on it, that’s where you should head to. Cross the street and take the stairs to the level below.

Galleria Garibaldi

Proceed to the farthest pillars in the middle. It’s time to buy your ticket! You can either buy it from the ticket office or the automatic ticket dispenser located nearby the turnstile, we suggest using the latter one.

The ticket office
Ticket dispenser

Congratulations, you have access to the Metro 1! Now proceed to the lowest floor using the escalator flights and follow the indications for “Piscinola”. You can both get off at the “Duomo” or the “Università” train stations. Once there you can reach the building on foot in about ten minutes.