Physics’s got talent


Our group organized a competition for high school students, who were asked to realize a short video showing an experiment about any field of physics. Many schools took part to this activity, here are the links to the videos they made: Electrolysis with salted water Playing with thermodynamics Free fall Leggi tutto…

La Physique en rose


For the Women’s day, some girls of our group went to the science museum of our city, Città della Scienza, to perform some experiments. We realized experiments and show demonstrations about cryogenics, microwaves, 3D-imaging, camera obscura and seismology. Here are some photos of the event:

Scientific Speed Dating


Scientific Speed Dating @ Futuro Remoto 2015 During Futuro Remoto, the biggest Science Festival of Naples, we organized the first Scientific Speed Dating ever in our city! A Speed dating is a standard match-making process of dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of Leggi tutto…

Cinescienza 2017


Between February and March 2017, we contributed to the organization of Cinescienza, together with the no-profit Association Scienza e Scuola, the University of Naples “Federico II” and other Institutions. Cinescienza was conceived as a forum of four movies projections having fascinating elements of scientific content, followed by a free debate Leggi tutto…